Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beat the crisis by making gas at home

Make gas and beat the gas crisis 

    How would you like to beat the gas crisis and learn how to make gas? Well most people aren't very concerned about the price of gasoline anymore and aren't concerned if they pay less for gas or not. Is this true? When I interviewed Tracey Allen (resident of Castro Valley, CA) she said, "The recession is over! People now have gas saving cars and more and more people can now afford the hike in gas prices." What she said kind of made since to me. I don't really see or hear many people complaining about the price of gasoline anymore.
    Brian Reams (a resident of Oakland, CA) does not believe that we should become comfortable with our current situation and assume that the gas crisis is over. He said, "People have been cleverly brain washed  in order to keep them under control while gas prices skyrocket." Mr. Reams believes that the ups and downs in oil stock was actually an elaborate plan to ease us into high gas prices. In other words: A man in a mansion will not want to trade his mansion in for a one bedroom studio, if you take away his mansion and give him a 1bd studio he will be mad but if you take away his studio and put him in a shelter he will ask for his studio back and be fine with it. Mr. Reams believes this metaphor to be true with gas.
    In a way this too could make some since. Have we been brain washed to believe there is no Gas Crisis? Is this the reason many people are no longer on the incredible chase to save on gasoline? It's a possibility. So ask yourself that question, "do I really care about the price of gasoline?" Well many people believe that the price of gas will continue to increase. Some believe that the price of gas will reach a whopping eight dollars per gallon. That's twice as much as the current price of gasoline. A couple of years ago this was very believable with gas prices reaching five dollars per gallon in the East Bay Area of California. Calvin Winstien, author of "Gas Money One Dollar Per Gallon" wrote his book in order to show people how to beat the "gas crisis" by making gas at home. He said, "people still and will want to save money on something like gasoline." At 3 to 4 dollars a gallon I bet people do! but I bet Mr. Winstien would have had a greater fiscal year several years ago when gas prices were at there highest.
    The more people I talked to the more I was convinced that people were not as concerned about the gas crisis anymore. I do not think that this is a good idea. Let's say that the stock in fossil oil goes through the roof again (and it will because we are running out) what is there to stop the gas companies from charging what they want per gallon. Nothing stopped them before. So yes, you should still find ways to save on gas. If you can pay less for anything nowadays you should do it. You should always stay ready for any kind of economic disaster that may befall upon us. Just because everything is okay now, doesn't mean everything is going be smooth sailing from here. If we use up all of our fossil fuel supply we will definitely be thrown back into a gas crisis. Oil is bound to become more expensive as the amount of oil decreases and becomes more of a precious commodity. Yes, the price of gasoline could reach eight dollars per gallon one day, the question is: Are you prepared! Well if you want to learn how to make gas at home or a good reference Click Here or go to : where you can get a copy of "Gas Money" for only 99 cent and learn how to properly make gas at home and keep from damaging your car.

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